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See jewelry and antiques from around the world

Hosted at the prestigious Metropolitan Pavilion, the NYC Autumn Jewelry and Object Show will provide a welcoming environment for vendors to showcase their collections, while offering ample space for visitors to discover new treasures. Carefully selected high-quality vendors from around the world, including renowned dealers and emerging jewelry designers, will ensure attendees experience a diverse range of sellers. The show features an impressive selection of antique and vintage jewelry and watches from various eras, including Art Deco and classic Victorian designs, catering to every taste, as well as the exquisite designs of contemporary jewelers.

Early Preview


Thursday 10:30am-12:00pm

Exclusive Access 

Early access to show vendors and first looks at available, unique pieces is available. (Industry discounts are available for trade members only and a valid Resale Number must be provided upon entry)

General Admission


Thursday 12:00-6:00pm

Day One (Show Open)

Join us at the opening of the show as antique jewelry dealers, watch dealers, contemporary jewelry designers, and object sellers showcase their items in one of the greatest cites in the world

Friday 11:00-6:00pm

Friday kicks off the weekend with exuberance as sellers and attendees from all over the globe exhibit

Saturday 11:00-6:00pm

Saturday we see exciting, fresh merchandise as shoppers leave the khakis home to attend the show in the heart of NYC

Sunday 11:00-4:00pm

New Yorkers and visitors alike celebrate the show as vendors and collections offer one final glimpse at their stunning, one-of-a-kind merchandise

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